Northern lights is celebrates 8 years of bringing happiness to central florida homes, commercial places and other places, where we have been called to provide Holliday Decoration! And other special events. At the time of Christmas Lights, we have seen how the faces of our clients are complacent with our work of decoration and installation of lights.
 Our experience, responsibility and compliance, has led us to be better providers of this service, filling our customers with satisfaction and joy.
Today, Northern Lights, remains fully available so that our esteemed clientele can continue to enjoy our services.


After several years working for different lighting installation companies in Florida, three brothers decide to become independent and along with their families they join to establish Northern Lights, a company that specializes in the professional installation of holiday lights and special events lighting.

Our objective as a company is to become leaders in the industry , reaching homes and businesses throughout Florida, transmitting and maintaining the tradition of Christmas lights decoration and becoming a reference for the season.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of desingners who are highly perceptive to art, tecnology experts and passionate installation technicians. In addition to the talents and skills that each member of our team brings to Nothern Lights, we strive in our interaction with our customers, working hand-in- hand with you to create a custom design for your property , dedicated to obtain the best results.


Our instalation technicians are properly trained to instal your Christmas lights using commercial-grade lighting products. 


Should a bulb be replaced or your display be adjusted, we provide maintenance during the season within 24 hour of your call..


We take care of everything so you can be hassle free this holiday season. From installation to take down and storage of your christmas light display.

Meet our team


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