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Full Light Decor Services

Our professionals will not only help you with your headaches of how to install the lights but we will also be aware of any damage that they may have during the holidays, with a backup service in which we will be in the moment you need a replacement.

Whether at home or at your business, we will always be ready to give you the best service and in a very professional way. Our estimates are without any obligation.

In addition, you will not have to worry about disassembling and storing your lights, we also take care of removing and keeping them in order to guarantee and maintain the quality of your lights.

We offer decorating advice and support from experienced decorators and will work with you to create customized estimate for your. Check our work and ask for your quotation or call us at 1-888-381-5961

NL - Escalera Navidad

Our service covers all of the following

  • Consultations

    We'll come to your location to discuss what you want with your outdoor holiday decoration. We will be sending you a budget based on what the client wants and/or some more proposals.

  • Installation

    We will deliver and install all your commercial outdoor Christmas decorations and other Holiday Outdoor Decor products. We'll come prepared with all the equipment necessary for the installation.

  • Service Call

    We make it easy to keep your holiday decorations up for the whole season. With our 48 hours service call our crews will repair, as a free included service with your custom package.

  • Takedown and transport

    When it's time for your decorations to come down, we'll pack everything up and take it away for storage.


“Your guys are absolutely the best and wow how professional they are!! Just a great great crew brother. Lord bless you and your crew brother !!! It is way more than i expected – they are true professionals – as you well know."

Steve Cox

“Extremely happy with the service. The qualify of the product and the happiness with which they work. It is definitely a company very committed to its people and what they do."
Cindy Hopper

I have used Northern Lights for our holiday decorations for many years and am very happy with their professionalism and quality. I strongly recommend them to others.
Jason Balogh

I just wanted to say how happy I’m with the work. Your team is amazing and professional.
Maggie Kennedy

Thank you so much. We got so many compliments. I cannot wait for next year with the backyard done also.
Sara Leyton

!! Thanks again for everything!!
Craig Chapman

We have a brand new house and our landscaper was literally still here when the team from Northern lights appeared. They swarmed up the roof like Santa’s elves and delicately weaved around the new plantings —even my skeptical landscaper had to admit how careful they were.
In fact, he said the lights made his work look even better!
He was right— the lighting was beautiful!!
Susan Darnell

The team has done an excellent job for 3 years in a row now .
Excellent quality work .
On time for installation and de installation .
Many people have stopped by to congratulate us for how beautiful the house looks with the light decorations .
Happy New Year and see you next year
Thank you

We Also Offer


Installation Our instalation technicians are properly trained to instal your Christmas lights using comme cial-grade lighting products.


Should a bulb be replaced or your display be adjusted, we provide maintenance during the season within 24 hour of your call.


We take care of everything so you can be hassle free this holiday season. From installation to take down and storage of your christmas light display.